Chai-spiced Chocolate Covered Sugar Cookies


Do you ever make something that you’ve been thinking about for a while and then you try it and you’re like, Wow. This tastes exactly like what I was picturing in my mind? Admittedly, it doesn’t happen to me that often, either. I mean, that I have a serious oh my god flavor moment, but these cookies definitely did it for me. And I honestly don’t even like chai that much. I think it’s more the idea of chai that I like. For example, I’d never go to coffee shop and order a chai latte. But these cookies?

They’ll make your house smell like the holidays. And they’ll go perfectly with your morning cup of coffee. Or your after dinner espresso. Or your Sunday rosé. Or your I-need-something-to-bring-to-Thanksgiving-dish. Cause I guarantee there are enough mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie on that table already. So do your loves ones a favor and bring these spiced-chai cookies. Dipped in chocolate. Because, chocolate. And because you love your loved ones. Even though your sister will make everyone go around the table and say what they’re thankful for, for what feels like the zillionth time. And your dad will make everyone cry with whatever he says. And you will have exactly five people at your the table you’ve never met before, because your family loves inviting everyone and their mother to Thanksgiving. And you’ll love it, like you do every year. Because they’re your family. Like, all of them.

Happy holidays, all.

For these cookies, I used this recipe from My Baking Addiction, and then dipped those babies in 3 cups of melted semi-sweet chocolate morsels, and let them harden up in the fridge for a few hours.




  1. Hey Ashley, I’m a friend of Eric’s mom’s. I wanted to say congratulations on your engagement!! So happy for you.

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