Chocolate Zucchini Brownies

You’re probably all like Ew gross zucchini in brownies…

Skinny Almond Butter Pretzel Bars (No Bake!)

…do these still count as “skinny” if I ate half a bag of pretzels while making them…

Happy Almost Weekend + Homemade Peanut Butter Granola

Next week is finals so I have papers to write and exams to study for, but in between all of that, I plan to do some serious cooking and some serious soul-searching this weekend…

Ricotta Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Spiked Maple Syrup

So I know I just made you a giant pancake…

Banana + Chocolate Dutch Baby

I need to be honest with you and tell you that I’ve written and rewritten the introduction to this blog post, like, fourteen separate times. Or something ridiculous like that. I mean, I’ve literally been thinking about dutch babies (basically, pancakes) for the last three days. I go to sleep thinking about pancakes. And I […]

Chocolate Banana Bread

Today I made you chocolate banana bread. Because it’s Friday, and also, why not?

Chai-spiced Chocolate Covered Sugar Cookies

Do you ever make something that you’ve been thinking about for a while and then you try it and you’re like, Wow. This tastes exactly like what I was picturing in my mind?

Quick + Easy Pumpkin Pie Poptarts

You didn’t really think I was done with fall recipes, did you? Come on, you know me better than that…

Quinoa Rice Pudding with Caramelized Bananas

This post should really be called “Shit I Eat for Dinner When My Boyfriend Goes Out of Town” but that’s a little long and for optimization purposes I decided against it…

Apple + Oatmeal Bread with Vanilla Bourbon Glaze

You guys its the first week of fall! Who’s excited??