Homemade Sourdough Bread


I’m not really sure what to say here because I don’t know when I turned into someone who bakes bread or makes their own gnocchi but you know what? Let’s just blame my mom (somehow?) and call it a day because I’m pretty sure I need another 3 day weekend to recover from my 3 day weekend. Which brings me to the completely unrelated question of how long it takes one to recover from a bottomless watermelon mimosa hangover? Please tell me its less than 48 hours.

That is all. Happy Tuesday.

Recipe – I used two different recipes, one for the sourdough starter (the yeast, basically,) and one for the actual bread, and they’re both from the Kitchn – which is a great site. *Note that making your own starter takes about 5 days, and then the actual baking is another 1-2 days at least, so, give yourself enough time if you’re doing this for a special occasion. Like, idk, dinner? Enjoy!

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