Spanish Tapas at Aaxte


Last night we tried a restaurant in the Upper Market Street neighborhood we’ve been meaning to dine at for several months, Spanish Tapas restaurant and bar Aaxte. Its been around since April 2015 and while I’m a little embarrassed we’re just getting around to it now, in our defense there are a lot of restaurants on our SF-must-try list.

We walked in to Aaxte at about 8PM Saturday evening with a reservation for 4, but there were at least 2 open seats at the bar, which also serves the full menu (my boyfriend and I made a mental note of that for next time it was just the 2 of us. I don’t know about you but we aren’t usually very good at making reservations ahead of time. Nor are we very good at waiting when we are hungry. We should probably get better at one of those).

Moving on – Aaxte did not disappoint. We opted out of the Chef’s Picks Menu ($55 per person and everyone at your table is required order it) and instead decided to choose our items a la carte. Even though Aaxte is tapas style, we found that the portions were reasonably sized, and that all four of us were able to get a good taste of each dish – instead of just a tiny little piece. Because of the portion size and the fact that we were able to try so many more dishes, we were happy with our choice to choose exactly what we wanted, and we actually ended up spending less than we would have if we chose the Chef’s Menu (without alcohol, that is) and we all left feeling very full and satisfied.

I will say, and this is not an exaggeration, that each dish we tried was someone at our table’s favorite. You really can’t go wrong here, the fish was fresh and flavorful, the pan con tomato was so much more than just tomato on toast (I promise) and the cocktails were spectacular. We were too full by the end of dinner to order dessert, which I feel fine about because that means we have an excuse to go back.

Must-not-miss dishes:
Spanish Fried Rice
Gambas al Ajillo
‘Quimlet & Quilmet’ – we ended up putting an additional order of this one in because it was that good.
Halibut Crudo
Pan con Tomato, + Jamon

Come here with:
Good friends who aren’t price-sensitive and who don’t mind a little R&B while they dine. Bonus if they’re gin junkies – as Aaxte boasts an impressive gin collection.

Price range: $$$

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