Summer Vegetable Galettes with Goat Cheese & Herbs + A Long Weekend in Portland



Recently my boyfriend and I went to Portland with another couple for a long weekend. Not only did was have a fabulous time but we also had fabulous weather – which apparently never happens. I’m not sure if I believe that, so we’ll probably have to go back at least once to check.

We stayed downtown at the Hotel Monaco which was perfect for us. A little funky, everyone was very friendly, and there was a “social hour” in the evenings with wine and games. Also – who doesn’t love dog friendly hotels? Seriously. We’ll likely have to pick up a puppy and go back just to get the full experience…right?

Another reason we’ll have to go back? I didn’t eat a Voodoo Doughnut which basically seems like a Cardinal Sin. I mean, going to Portland, being a self-proclaimed foodie and not waiting the 45-minutes for a world famous doughnut – what was I thinking? I know, I screwed up. It won’t happen again.

What we didn’t skip was Powell Bookstore. If you like to read, and assuming you are reading this blog right now I’d say there’s a good chance that you do, I would highly recommend it. We have City Lights here in San Francisco (North Beach, to be more precise) which we love, but I think you could literally fit three of four of them (at least) in Powell’s. That place was huge and SO cool. I found an amazing cookbook, Portland Farmer’s Market Cookbook ,which has some unique, creative recipes I can’t wait to try, including these summer galettes I made. What’s really neat about the cookbook is that they break up the dishes seasonally, so you can flip right to the summer section, see what’s in season, and then make it with fresh, in-season ingredients.

These galettes are fairly healthy, and you can showcase your favorite summer veggies along with goat cheese and herbs. And you can make mini ones like I did, so you can eat like, three or four, and not feel guilty. Cause, duh, they’re minis. Check out the cookbook and let me know what you think. Happy summer eating:)

Other must-not-miss Portland stops: 
The Kennedy School – for drinks or dinner, or a cigar and cocktail. 
Mothers – for brunch.
Deschutes – for beers.

Stumptown – for coffee. 

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