Rainbow Crepe Cake + Pride Month

I attempted to write today’s post several times before turning to someone who has always been much more elegant with words, and whose views on Pride and the LGBT movement I truly admire. Today’s post is written by my Dad, Anthony Bettencourt.


Pride: The Courage to Stand up and the Next 30 Years

It is Pride Weekend, where we can gather and celebrate and remember and mourn.  The Orlando 49 are yet another terrible reminder of the hatred and insanity that exists on the planet.   We may be an occasional target of confused rage, but we are not victims.  We continue to rise above and educate and fight for the justice that is ours.  We are constantly tearing down the walls.

Of course there have been other targets and in this we stand with those who were attending a service at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, and with those little children attending grammar school classes in Sandy Hook and with those high school children who were attending classes at Columbine High School.

Pride is wonderful as it unites the LGBT community and brings others into our tent.  It is also a good reminder that we are all integral to the bigger world—the community of humanity.  Social reformer Jeremy Betham wrote the first known argument for law reform in England around 1785- for the benefit of what we now call the LGBT movement where at that time the legal penalty was death by hanging.  So one could say that it has taken us 231 years to arrive at where we have landed—and we have landed well.

As we continue to rally for equal rights and opportunities, a huge swath of the humanity to which we belong is being raised to be blind of gender, blind of color, and be blind to who loves whom.  In the beginning, those brave enough to be who they were changed minds–erasing fear and confusion and bigotry one person at a time.  In 2016, we now have a generational army at our side—many of which we’ll never get to meet, but whose world view is our world view and whose values are all values.  With them, we are one.

In the short term, we all need to continue to fight with impatience—and more walls will be torn down.  For those of us who can also keep the long view in mind, the winds of change are blowing in our direction.  I realize that it won’t stop the bevy of slurs that we occasionally hear.  But the frequency of them are slowing, and their tone is starting to dim.  I have the opportunity to travel the world and am happy and proud to be me—and I am hearing the utterances of “queer, faggot, and tranny” less and less.

The world is growing up and will only continue to do so.  Every day more and more humans are beginning to understand what equality actually means.  While we push our way in—we’ll continue to have this new generation “pulling us in” as well.    

For as long as humans are on the planet- there will be the occasional terrible hatred of insanity with a gun.  And their targets will be varied.  

This weekend especially, the Orlando 49 will be heavy and on hearts—and they should be.  But I hope that we can look to the future and understand that we have momentum on our side and we are already beginning to see that change.  We are all beneficiaries of Betham, and those who rioted at Stonewall, the courage of Harvey Milk and all the bravery that came before us.  

A day will soon come when one can say- “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty we are Free at Last.”

crepe3Crepe cakeCrepe cake2

For this fabulous crepe cake, I used this crepe recipe here from the Simple Fare and doubled it, and used this pastry cream here and also doubled it.

Then I separated the batter out into bowls, one for each color, and dyed the crepe batter. Be sure to let the crepes and the pastry cream cool completely before you start to stack, layering cream in between the crepe layers, or else they will slide off and your cake will have a nice lean to it. 



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